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    About Redfish Rentals

    Redfish Rentals is dedicated to providing the highest level of quality, service and safety to every customer every time. Count on our experienced and knowledgeable team for all of your equipment rental needs.



    Redfish Rentals, Inc. (“Redfish”) began operations in January 2000 in Houma, Louisiana. The company has expanded over the years and currently have seven rental division locations. The locations are strategically placed throughout Louisiana and Texas to provide easy access to the ports from which Gulf of Mexico (“GOM”) activities are mobilized. This ensures rapid mobilization time and minimal mobilization costs for our customers. In addition to the operating divisions, the company has a sales division based throughout the Gulf Coast.


    The Redfish team pioneered service to the oil and gas industry and has been proudly serving this industry and other industries since 1978, as its founders and several members of the management team began their careers with Buckner Rental Service. The Redfish operations management team has over 300 years of experience in the equipment rental industry. Redfish has built a top-tier reputation for quality, service, and safety, which are its guiding principles.

    Redfish employs a team of well-trained and highly experienced technicians who maintain, modify, and enhance equipment to meet the stringent requirements of the industries we serve. This is particularly true of the equipment deployed in the GOM in that Redfish modifies and enhances the equipment to exceed regulatory requirements and ensure maximum performance and longevity in the harsh salt-water corrosive environment. The Redfish team ensures that all equipment is carefully and thoroughly checked and serviced before delivery to the customer to ensure maximum quality and operating performance.


    Redfish maintains an expansive and diverse inventory of equipment (more than 50 major categories) that provides our customers a “one-stop” shop for large projects, both onshore and offshore.

    The company’s rental equipment inventory by location is not static, as Redfish employs a strategy of moving its equipment between locations to ensure that customer rental needs are fully satisfied and timely met.

    The company’s locations along the GOM coastline afford multiple service points for our customers.


    Redfish places an utmost emphasis on safety and regulatory compliance. The company has formalized extensive safety training programs for its operations personnel. Redfish has also developed an industry-leading Safety and Environmental Systems (“SEMS”) program for the benefit of its GOM customers to help ensure that those customers meet the new regulations of the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement as they relate to the equipment provided by Redfish. The Redfish SEMS program includes waterproof storage boxes containing USB flash drives with full equipment specifications, instructions for safe use, certifications, and quality assurance documents, among other things. These items accompany each piece of Redfish equipment deployed in the GOM.

    At Redfish Rentals, our people, our products and our focus on safety afford our broad customer base a dependable and trustworthy option to meeting their equipment rental needs in the field. The Redfish knowledge and customer commitment, coupled with its expansive inventory of equipment and extensive geographic coverage, make Redfish the provider of choice to those customers who value these factors.


    Redfish Rentals is a member of several associations that help us continue to provide the best service and products.  Redfish is a member of the following associations:  The South Central Industrial Association, The American Rental Association, The Association of Diving Contractors International, The Better Business BureauThe Louisiana Oil and Gas Association, The American Petroleum Institute, The Louisiana Pipeliners Association, and The US Gulf of Mexico Diving Safety Workgroup.  




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